What Is Single Tooth Anesthesia?

Single-tooth anesthesia is not a familiar term for many people. In the world of dentistry, single-tooth anesthesia is a revolutionary form of anesthesia that can lead to an improved experience at the dentist’s office and a better experience after a dental procedure.

When you visit your dentist in Fargo, ND, at Melinda Harr Dental, we can administer single-tooth anesthesia for the dental procedure whenever appropriate. We’re happy to answer your questions about single-tooth anesthesia.

What is single-tooth anesthesia?

Single-tooth anesthesia is a form of very localized anesthesia that only affects a single tooth at a time. Traditionally, dentists use a numbing anesthesia administered by an injection to numb the area where the procedure takes place.

Single-tooth anesthesia is different because it is administered via a wand with a computerized probe that slides along the tooth and gums and only places the anesthesia on the single tooth.

What are the benefits of single-tooth anesthesia?

There are many benefits of single-tooth anesthesia, including:

  • No injection. This anesthesia is not administered via injection, which can reduce anxiety for some patients.
  • Easy control. Precise control over the flow of anesthesia allows the dentist to numb only the tooth that needs numbing.
  • No waiting period. The numbing agent begins working right away.
  • Less likely to bite cheek after the procedure. Because the numbing agent is so localized, the patient’s risk of biting themselves inside their cheek after the procedure is greatly diminished.

Do I need single-tooth anesthesia?

When you visit the dentist at Melinda Harr Dental, we’ll let you know when single-tooth anesthesia in Fargo, ND, is right for your dental procedure. If you have questions about how it works, call us today.

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