Uses For the Solea Laser

Your dentist in Fargo, ND, offers the latest in available technologies to treat a wide range of dental issues. One of these technologies is the Solea® laser. Solea® is a laser dental tool that facilitates a precise, powerful and effective way to treat conditions related to soft gum tissue, dentin, enamel and bone.

When is the Solea® Laser Used in Dentistry?

Not every dentist is able to offer the Solea® laser. They may not have it in their office or be properly trained on its use. The Solea® laser tool is relatively recent, so having a dentist who has the specialized training and available of Solea® is of great benefit to patients.

The Solea® laser can be used to in place of older dental methods for:

  • Removal of old fillings
  • Part of the deep cleaning process
  • Part of the cavity treatment process
  • Placing crowns
  • Treating periodontal disease
  • Treating canker sores and other mouth ulcers
  • Conducting oral surgery on bone and gums
  • Root canal therapy
  • Removal of damaged or infected soft tissue
  • Reshaping soft tissue along the gum line
  • And more

One of the most impressive uses for the Solea® laser tool as far as patients can see, is reshaping the gum line. This is because it’s a visible treatment that delivers fast results.

How Does Solea® Work?

Solea® is a dental laser that works by delivering very rapid, pulsating beams of lights of a certain wavelength. These light beams are highly-intense, with thousands of pulses delivered each second.

Solea® is a preferred method of dentistry for millions of patients, due to its many benefits, like reduction or elimination of recovery time, quiet operation and pain-free process. When you need any kind of dental treatment done, look for the dentist offering Solea® in Fargo, ND. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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