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Consider White Fillings for a Beautiful Smile

White fillings in Fargo, ND, can be an ideal choice when you need one or more cavities filled. Unlike silver amalgam fillings that anyone can see when you smile or open your mouth, white fillings are much more discreet. Dr. Melinda Harr matches the shade of your new filling to the shade of your teeth as closely as possible. Typically, white fillings contain synthetic resin, glass particles, and an ingredient used for setting.

When Should You Consider Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling?

Dr. Harr usually recommends that patients receive a white filling when they have new cavities filled. One exception would be if your existing metal filling breaks. After Dr. Harr removes the remaining filling material, you can opt to replace the metal filling with a tooth-colored one if you prefer. Some other scenarios where getting a new white filling would be appropriate are when you have developed new tooth decay underneath an existing filling or an allergy to the amalgam materials used in old fillings.

The level of mercury present in a typical metal filling is so minuscule that it need not be a concern. For most patients, the choice to get white fillings is a cosmetic one only.

Benefits of White Fillings

While metal fillings preserve your teeth, they can make you feel self-conscious when you smile. White fillings blend in seamlessly with your other teeth, giving you the confidence you need to flash a big smile. Another benefit is that Dr. Harr usually doesn’t have to remove any tooth enamel when placing a white filling like she normally must do when placing a filling containing silver amalgam.

Do you need a cavity filled, or would you like to learn more about white fillings in Fargo, ND? Contact Melinda Harr Dental today to request an appointment.