What Is DIAGNOdent Cavity Protection?

Do you know how to tell that you have a cavity? Often, people learn about their cavities when they begin to feel pain in their teeth. What if you could find out about your cavities before they become serious?

If you visit your dentist in Fargo, ND, you can learn about your cavities through a remarkable new technology called DIAGNOdent cavity protection. If you have questions about DIAGNOdent, we have answers. Here’s what you need to know.

About DIAGNOdent Cavity Protection

DIAGNOdent cavity protection uses laser technology to identify cavities in their earliest stages – often before they can be detected by other means. DIAGNOdent gives your dentist an early look at a developing cavity so they can take action to resolve your problem before it becomes a big, painful problem.

What Are the Benefits of Early Detection?

Tooth decay can lead to various problems, including dental infection, a broken tooth, and more. If you allow a cavity to go on too long, you could require a root canal or even a tooth extraction.

Early detection allows cavities to be filled before they become serious, so you can avoid the pain and hassle of late detection of tooth decay. Simply put, early detection can save your tooth!

How Can You Get DIAGNOdent Cavity Protection in Fargo, ND?

The dental professionals at Melinda Harr Dental use some of the most advanced technologies to help patients care for their teeth, including DIAGNOdent cavity protection. Come to our dental office to take advantage of these early detection technologies.

Do you have more questions about DIAGNOdent cavity protection in Fargo, ND? Contact us or make an appointment to learn more about how you can benefit from this remarkable technology.

3 Modern Ways to Treat Your Cavities

When cavities popped up in the past, there were only so many ways to treat them. (If you ran across a dentist who happened to favor extraction, you might have even found yourself losing a few more teeth than necessary.) Today, treatment options are more sophisticated, allowing patients to not only save the integrity of the tooth but also feel more comfortable from start to finish.

3 Modern Types of Cavity Treatments 

If you visit a dentist to fill acavity in Fargo, ND, they may recommend one or more of the following:

  • SDF: Also known as silver diamine fluoride, SDF is a liquid that can fill up a cavity without drilling. While the cavity will need to be relatively small for it to work properly, it’s a painless way to treat early-stage holes in a tooth.
  • Lasers: Laser treatment for cavities works by targeting the decaying part of the tooth and cleaning it out with these modern tools. Because it’s so precise, the treatment tends to be shorter than its more traditional counterparts, which is great news for anyone who wants to get in and out of the dentist’s office as quickly as possible.
  • Composites: Composite fillings are made from resin and can be custom-shaped to match the rest of your teeth. Not only are these an excellent way to protect the tooth, but they’re also known to last.

Find a Dentist in Fargo, ND 

The right dentist in Fargo, ND, will invest in the products and services that help their patients preserve their oral health, regardless of where they’re starting. At Melinda Harr Dental, you’ll meet a staff member who can tell you more about how different kinds of preventative services and treatments work and whether they’re right for you.