Post Op Instructions

After your crown/bridge appointment

  • Temperature sensitivity can be normal for a few days-call us if it does not improve-use a sensitivity toothpaste if needed.
  • The gums may be tender for a few days-warm salt water rinses will help.
  • Brush and floss daily to prevent cavities around the crown.
  • Avoid very hard or sticky foods to prevent fracturing or dislodging the crown. No ice chewing, ect.
  • If the bite feels “high” on the crown after the anesthetic wears off, please call us to adjust the crown-this will prevent future tooth discomfort.
  • Please call us with any discomfort that throbs or keeps you awake at night.
  • There is always risk of needed a Root Canal after any crown procedure.
  • Call us with any concerns.

After your filling appointment

  • Temperature sensitivity is normal for a few days. Use sensitivity tooth and call us if this does improve with time.
  • The restorations will feel “gritty” even though we polished them. The fillings will feel smoother in a few days.
  • You will feel numbness for a few hours. Try not to chew until the anesthesia wears off.
  • Call us if you experience discomfort that makes it difficult to sleep at night or throbs constantly.
  • Gums may be tender for a few days-use salt water rinses as needed.
  • If the bite feels uneven after the appointment, call us so we can adjust you bite.
  • Call us with any concerns.