Solea Dental Laser Dentistry


Fear of the dentist is real, especially for patients who have needed procedures involving the dental drill. Now, patients no longer need to fear the drill because there is an alternative - Solea Laser Dentistry in Fargo, ND.

Solea procedures take away the need for anesthesia because lasers are not associated with pain in soft tissues like dental drills. With Solea taking the place of the drill, patients can relax and be happy while at their dental appointments.

What is Solea Dental Laser?

Solea lasers involve an FDA-approved isotopic low-energy CO2 light that can be used in several different dental procedures. To name a few, our Fargo dentist can use this laser technology to treat cavities, gum tissue, and bone issues. The Solea Laser is the first dental laser technology approved to treat health issues on soft tissue, dental enamel, and bone.

How Does Solea Dental Laser Work?

The laser vaporizes bone, enamel, or soft tissue using CO2 gas-powered light to resurface, recontour, or remove dental problems. The difference between the dental drill and the laser is that these lasers have no physical contact.

Why Solea Laser Dentistry?


The Solea Laser removes the stresses of the dental drill by eliminating the uncomfortable or disorienting noises that people are used to hearing while at the dentist. The quiet laser light makes procedures soothing rather than painful.

Laser treatments are less invasive than drills or other traditional tools, making treatments and recovery quick and relatively pain-free. Most recipients report no discomfort during treatments, so dentists do not need to use sedation or anesthesia. Laser treatments have proven to be more precise than drills or scalpels, so the end product is safer and more beneficial for overall oral health.

The Benefits of Solea Dental Laser

With concerns about contracting and spreading COVID-19, the Solea Laser reduces the number of aerosols and droplets during treatments. Researchers are still investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the medical and dental community, so guidelines for health care providers and dentistry are unfolding.

One thing is certain: health care providers want to reduce the chances of viruses and bacteria spreading from people to staff. Using the Solea is one tool that will help achieve that goal while also effectively treating gum disease, other soft tissue problems, cold sores, and tooth decay.

With dental drills and other traditional tools, water spray during dental services is significant and can increase the chances of spreading viruses like COVID-19 during dental care visits. Dental drills often use air pressure and water at a relatively high PSI, which leads to the constant spray of water. Dental lasers use about 75% less air pressure and up to 83% less water, thus reducing the spray of viruses during dental procedures, thus making the dental office in North Dakota a safer place to visit and work.

Ask for Solea Laser Dentistry at your Next Appointment

We are delighted to allow our patients to request a Solea Laser treatment at their next appointment. We can treat problems with enamel, bone, and gum tissues in a way that is calming and quiet. You no longer have to fear the dentist’s office, as a new and exciting alternative to the drill and scalpel exists. To learn more about the Solea Laser, contact us by using our phone number, (701) 271-1060.