Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry Get Dental Fillings in our Fargo Clinic

When a tooth's structure has been compromised by decay, a crack in the enamel, or a chip, a filling is required to prevent further damage. Often, these areas have gone undetected by the patient until the dentist finds them in a routine check up.

The tooth-colored mercury-free filling materials Dr. Harr uses provide you with functional, natural-looking results.

Tooth Filling Procedure

Typically, local anesthesia is used. The decayed or damaged area of your tooth will be gently removed using Solea dental laser and replaced with filling material. Care is taken to remove as little of the tooth structure as possible while providing a good bond for the filling material. The tooth will then be polished and checked for proper occlusion (fit between the upper and lower teeth).

Composite Filling (Posterior)